Aeroquest Mapcon has been providing professional airborne mapping services since 1987.

Based near Vancouver BC, Aeroquest Mapcon has been successfully providing aerial survey products and services for 30+ years. As a leader in the aerial survey industry, Aeroquest Mapcon offers our government and corporate clients the latest in geospatial data and capabilities at competitive pricing. Our highly experienced team of dedicated professionals ensures that each project is produced to the required specifications and accuracies, utilizing the most current technologies and processes available.

Since 2012, Aeroquest Mapcon has been a subsidiary of Geotech – Geophysical Surveys. Geotech is based out of Aurora, Ontario and provides worldwide airborne geophysical survey mapping, data processing and data interpretation.

Our Goal

To meet and exceed our clients expectations and to provide the latest products, technologies and solutions in the mapping industry.

Remote Sensing Platforms

Aeroquest Mapcon provides orthophotography, mapping, and modelling services from satellite, aircraft and UAV survey platforms. This allows us to tailor each solution to the exact needs of our client.

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Core Products We Create from the Airborne Platforms

  • Digital Terrain and Surface Modeling (DTM, DSM)

  • Digital Orthophotography

  • 3D Meshes

  • Topographic and Planimetric Base Maps

  • Classified LiDAR Surface Models

  • Asset Base Maps

  • PhoDAR Elevation Models

  • Engineering Scale Base Maps

  • Resource Base Maps

  • 3D GIS Models

  • Change Dectection Maps

  • Bathymetric Maps