Aeroquest Mapcon's expertise extends into planimetric data collection where ground features of almost any type are manually collected in 3-D stereo to ensure correct identification and positioning (x,y & z). The types of features collected can include spot elevations, break lines, building footprints, impermeable surfaces, shorelines, road edges, utilities, sidewalks, forestry cutblocks, or any other identifiable features.

Impermeable Surfaces

For clients concerned with environmental effects such as rainwater runoff and drainage, Aeroquest Mapcon can collect impermeable surfaces including all areas that contain asphalt, concrete and building rooftops. The impermeable surfaces indicate areas that are covered by impenetrable materials and include features such as sidewalks, parking lots, rooftops, streets, airports, driveways and industrial sites. The addition of attributes such as surface type to the collected data allows clients to analyse and perform calculations to support infrastructure and development decision making.


Building Footprints

The collection of building footprints provides our clients with an inventory of all permanent structures within their project area. Each structure collected can contain a variety of attributes including structure type (house, multiple family dwelling, commercial, industrial, etc) and area. If performed over multiple years, the collection of building footprints can also be used as change detection by applying attributes such as New, Existing, Removed and Under Construction. Analysis of building footprint data reveals detailed information as to the type of development that is occurring within the project area.


Other PLanimetric Collection

Aeroquest Mapcon has extensive experience in planimetric data collection of a wide variety of data types. Depending on our clients' needs, we can collect new data or update an existing dataset to match established specifications. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in accurately collecting ground features for projects of any size and complexity. 

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